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Ford Upper Bearing Kit Assembly Ilustration

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Cars and Trucks 1992-2007

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This particular page shows you the proper assembly order and orientation of both upper bearings in the housing, the race retainer (split ring), spring seat, spring and snap ring on most Ford and Lincoln trucks beginning in 1992. This appication is for both tilt and non-tilt design columns. Proper assembly is critical in preventing looseness in the upper shaft. If the parts are installed wrong you may cause damage to the bearings and/or the shaft.
We sell the the upper bearing kit, or, if damaged, the steering shaft as well as the full 14 page step-by-step instructions here Upper Bearing Replacement Instructions Set.

Ford Bearing Assembly Instructions

Both of the bearings need to face the opposite direction when installed so that the visible silver inner race on BOTH bearing are facing out and the 'visible balls' of both bearings are facing inward (and eachother).

Once pressed in and the housing and the housing is installed and seated on the shaft, the split ring goes in (taper down), then the spring seat (flat portion pushing the flat edge of the split ring), and the spring. The snap ring gets installed as far as you can push it on and then using a PVC pipe, deep socket or tube, tap the snap ring down until it seat in the groove on the shaft.

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