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Ford Steering Column Upper Housing Bearings & Retainer Kit

The Ford steering column often develops looseness in the tilt steering shaft and in the housing bearing. The steering wheel moves due to the small and/or large bearings being damaged, worn out or broken. The upper bearings are usually replaced as a set. Once the bearings go bad the column begins to chew up the bearing retainer, the spring seat and even the spring. This kit contains all those new pieces and the bearings for the upper end. For instructions on how to replace this set, click here.

Our Part # BRG230
Fits Makes: Ford Cars & Trucks
Fits Years: 1992-2007

$116.40 Special Pricing


If the bearings have been bad for more than 2 months, then most likely the shaft itself will be bad (chewed up) where these bearings ride. You have the option of either replacing the shaft (starting at about $195) or replacing the column assembly with a rebuilt that we stock. Often, the cost to rebuild a column completely with a new shaft would far exceed the price of our rebuilts.

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