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Rebuilt Non-Tilt Steering Column

2001-2007 Ford
F-Series Pickup & Explorer

2001-2004 F-150 Heritage
2001-2007 F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550
2001-2005 Explorer Sport Trac

  • Non Tilt
  • Floor Shift-Standard Transmission

Our Part # Column F01-7FN

$395.00 -- (plus core charge)

Available during checkout

The entire column has been disassembled, cleaned and refinished. Each of the parts below have been cleaned, carefuly inspected and replaced (if needed) to ensure a fully functional, rebuilt condition. All you need to do is install the column in your truck, put the steering wheel on and enjoy it. During the rebuild process we inspect, replace and/or refurbish the following parts:

  • Upper Bearing (New)
  • Lower Bearing (New)
  • Steering Shaft
  • Ignition Actuator-Upper (new)
  • Ignition Gear & Thrust Washer
  • Igntion Switch

Note: There is a $135.00 core charge added during your checkout process. This fee will be credited back to you upon return receipt of your old column. Return shipping cost and method is your responsibility. To help keep the price of our columns low, we do not supply return labels.


All of our rebuilt Ford steering columns are 'exchange' units, requiring you to send us yours after you install our rebuilt one. Continue using your truck until you get our replacement column, install it and you're back on the road again. Simply return your column in the same box your replacement came in, and your core charge will be refunded.


Download complete steering column removal instructions here (1992-2007 ONLY).
Having the new rebuilt Ford steering column available before you start your job allows you to compare them to make sure it's right. These columns are held in with 4 bolts to the dash, a shift indicator string, a shift cable, a couple of wire harnesses and 1 bolt for the steering shaft. Simply transfer your column and install your steering wheel and you're done. No complicated processes, no teardown required. That's it!!

Want your rebuilt instead? Send us yours and we can rebuild it for you--72 hour turnaround time.
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