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Tilt Housing Bearing Installation Instructions (1969-200*)

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This particular page shows you the proper installation of the upper bearings in the tilt housing. Proper assembly is critical in preventing damage to the bearing and a tight fit during assembly. If the bearings are installed upside down, you will cause damage to the bearing or 'crown'.
We sell the bearings as a set here, and the crown separately here.

GM Tilt Assembly Instructions    GM Tilt Assembly Instructions

To remove the old bearings, use a punch to drive out the outer race from the opposite side. There are notches inside the housing that allow for access for you to accomplish that step.

GM Tilt Assembly Instructions    GM Tilt Assembly Instructions

The bearings are installed with the rolled edge facing inside the tilt housing (on both bearings). The flat edge shoud be visible when the bearing is completely seated. Using a socket or suitably sized drift, seat the bearing in the tilt housing. We recommend temporarily putting the inner race in place to avoid damaging the ball bearing carrier during installation.

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