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GM Tilt Steering Column Rebuild Instructions
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This Saginaw design was used on GM vehicles from 1969 through 1999 in various forms. The vehicle used in this example is a Chevrolet Pickup Truck, but all vehicles with a Saginaw design column will be similar to this procedure.

These special tools are needed to complete this job

Each of the 12 steps is available individually. Determine which video you need to view, then click on the link.

The complete video series is also available for download for $34.50.

Download Complete Series
Removing the Steering Wheel & Lock Plate Removing Switches & Lock Housing Cover
Removing the Tilt Housing Assembly Removing the Steering Shaft
Removing the Lower Shift Bowl Reassembling the Lower Shift Bowl
Reinstalling the Steering Shaft Rebuilding the Tilt Housing
Reinstalling the Tilt Housing Assembly Transfering the Switches & Lock Cover
Reassembling the Lock Housing Cover Reassembling the Lock Plate & Wheel

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