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GM Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column Rebuild Instructions

This Saginaw design was used on GM vehicles from 1969 through 1989 in various forms. The vehicle used in this example is a Chevrolet Corvette, but all vehicles with a Saginaw telescopic design column will be similar to this procedure.

The complete overhaul is divided into 3 steps. You may purchase individual sections or the entire set.
Download the entire PDF series here for $49.95.

The 1st set, "Upper"
Removal of the Steering Wheel & Lock Plate,
Turn Signal Switch & Lock Cylinder
The 2nd set, "Middle"
Removal of the Upper Lock Cover & Tilt Housing,
Dimmer Cap & Actuator Removal
Bearing Replacement Procedure
Tilt Housing Installation Procedure
The 3rd set "Lower"
Removal of the Steering Shaft
Tightening the Lower Tilt Support Housing
Removal the Lower Shroud or Shift Bowl.

Download the entire PDF series here for $49.95.

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