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Ford Lock Removal by Raking the Lock

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Cars and Trucks 1980-1991

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In this short video, we will show you how to "rake" the wafers inside a lock to allow you to rotate the barrel without using a key. Tools required include a lock pick set and a probe-we use a 20 torx S&K driver.

Tools for removing a lock        Tools for removing a lock

For this design, we have never had the need to drill anything. The older and more worn the lock is, the easier it may be to accomplish this 'bypass'.
As shown in the video, this process is done by holding constant or repetitive pressure on the barrel in an attempt to make it turn, while you are combing, or 'raking' the wafers inside the lock with a lockpick. You may need to try different style picks to obtain the correct depth of movement inside the lock. Once the lock rotates to the "ON" position, you can then use a probe to push in the release pin and simply slide the lock out of the housing.

(Please be patient as the video loads)

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