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Ford Upper Rack Actuator Gear Replacement Instructions

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Cars and Trucks 1992-2008

This set of instructions is 11 pages long with over 35 steps. It gives you step-by-step pictorial and written instructions for replacing the upper rack actuator gear located inside the upper housing on most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars and trucks with both tilt and non-tilt steering columns from 1993 to 2008. This design is used on a variety of cars and trucks. When this gear breaks, typically the pin falls out leaving the key turning freely and disconnected from the ignition switch. These instructions show you how to access and replace this part IN THE CAR. Parts for this repair are available by clicking here.

Estimated Time Required: 1.5 - 2.0 hrs.
Tools Needed: 10mm Socket, Ratchet, Short Extension, 50 Torx Socket, Phillips Screwdriver, Steering Wheel Puller, 5/16" Socket, Small Probe, 20 Torx Driver, Right Angle Pick, Large Flat Blade Screwdriver, Snap Ring Pliers, 5/32" socket, 13mm & 15mm Socket, 8" Extension, 30 Torx Socket, Flat File, Deep Socket (or PVC Pipe).

Our Part # Rack05i Instructions
Fits Makes: Ford Lincoln, Mercury
Fits Years: 1992-2008


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