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Ford Ignition Rack Actuator Replacement Instructions
(Ford 1980s-1991 -Tilt Design ONLY)

This 10 page set of instructional pages give you step-by-step instructions for the replacement of a broken ignition actuator or rack gear. This piece often breaks leaving the ignition switch inoperable. Often mistaken for a bad ignition switch, this cast metal actuator snaps creating a freely spinning key.

Estimated Time Required: 1.5 - 2.0 hrs.
Tools Needed: 1/2" Wrench, 7/8" socket, Ratchet, Phillips Screwdriver, Steering Wheel Puller, 1/4" Open End Wrench, Small Probe, Small Ball Peen Hammer, 1/8" Punch, Snap Ring Pliers, Large Flat Blade Screwdriver, Pivot Pin Puller, Angle Cutting Pliers, Pliers,

Our Part # Rack04i Instructions
Fits Makes: Ford, Lincoln, Mercury
Fits Years: 1980-1991


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