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Tilt / Bearing Housing Set (Used-Remanufactured)

Our Part # Hsg03R-set
OEM Part # 26017735, 26017468, 26010644, 26010580, 7849032, 26016589
Fits Makes: GM, Chevrolet Corvette, Impala SS & Camaro, Pontiac Firebird
Fits Years: 1989-2002 (selected models)
(1986 Corvette Convertible & earlier productions w/ airbag
1989-2002 Camaro & Firebird)

$525.00 -- (Special price for set)

Tilt housing assembly for Corvette, Impala SS, Firebird and Camaro. Typically these parts wear (at the pivot pins) causing excessive play in the steering column when leaned on. This design bolts directly to the tube rather than to a removable plate securing the tilt mechanism. Tilt housing and support set are sold together at a substantially lower price than NOS parts (over $50 savings).
These are USED /REMANUFACTURED parts, from other Corvettes. Both pieces have had the pivot pin holes bored out and refitted with larger hardened pins. These are original GM parts machined to remedy the loose tilt symptom. The set includes the support, the tilt housing and 2 new pivot pins to match, new bearings and new rack gears.

Note: There is a $75.00 additional core charge for this set. This fee will be credited back to you upon receipt of your old parts.

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