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Ignition Switch Actuator Rod TIP
Reproduction Part for Tilt design with shift interlock

Column Shift Design

Fits Makes: GM, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac
Fits Years: 1991-2006
Column Shift with Brake Interlock mechanism

Reproduction for Column Shift-$245.00

The ignition switch rack gear pulls and pushes this tip of the rod to activate the ignition switch. GM made approx 8 different ignition actuator rods that use this 'shift interlock' design with a sliding cable. This tip was used on all of the designs with a column shifter. Most rods are no longer available. We have reverse engineered this piece as GM is no longer producing this part. This tip can be easily installed for a long lasting repair. You will need to use your interlock cable if it is still good (no bent wire).

How To Install the New Tip on the Old Rod

Remove the old rod

We recommend using a small 'lighter torch' (butane) to heat (warm) the casting where the rod is pinched. As you are heating it, VERY GENTLY wiggle the rod out of place without bending the rod.

Install the new tip

Transfer the old rod to the new tip and gently pinch the rod into the steel tip using a vise. Make sure you allow the tip to extend THROUGH the rod. It should snap into place and be fairly tight. If necessary, heat and crimp the new tip to secure it better. Be careful...If you break it, you own it.

Install the cable

To install the cable, locate the small cutout in the middle of the actuator tip. Aligning the notch in the cast portion of the cable with the cutout on the new tip, carefully roll the cast end of the cable into the groove . The cable should then slide easily in the track.


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