Tilt Housing Pins (Pair)

Tilt housing pins. These pins are NEW and measure out at the original factory specs--.28" dia. shoulder, .25" dia. shaft, .63" tall. These press into the tilt housing and pivot support stand. Often the housings wear, causing looseness in the tilt. If your pins are worn, this is the least expensive part to replace in an attempt to cure the looseness. Be aware the pins are hardened steel, while the tilt housing and support stand are cast softer metals (aluminum and pot metal). Best use for these pins is with a new tilt housing or support. If your housing is old and worn we suggest the "OVERSIZED FORD PIVOT PINS" here

Our Part # Pin12
Fits Makes: Ford Cars & Trucks
Fits Years: 1971-1991

$24.30 (pair)

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