GM Tilt Steering Column Rebuild Instructions

This Saginaw design was used on GM vehicles from 1969 through 1999 in various forms. All vehicles with a Saginaw design column will be similar to this procedure.

Each of the 5 steps is available individually for $12.95 each---or the entire series is available as a single download option for $39.95. Determine which set of instructions you need, then click on the link.

The 1st set, “Upper Removal”
Removal of the Steering Wheel & Lock Plate,
Turn Signal Switch & Lock Cylinder
The 2nd set, “Lower Removal”
Removal of the Tilt Housing Cover, Dimmer Cap & Actuator
Tilt Housing, Steering Shaft, Tilt Support
& Lower Bowl
The 3rd set “Lower Assembly”
Assembly of the Lower Shift Bowl, Tilt Support Housing
Steering Shaft, Tilt Housing & Rack Gears.
The 4th set “Upper Assembly”
Assembly of the Upper Bearing Seat
Dimmer Cap & Actuator, Upper Lock Cover
Lock Cylinder, Turn Signal Switch, Horn Cam
Lock Plate & Steering Wheel.
The 5th set “Tilt Housing Rebuild Instructions”
Rebuilding the tilt housing
including replacing the bearings
and rack gears properly.


Download the entire PDF series here for $39.95.

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