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Whether you want to fix your broken steering column yourself or are looking for parts to keep repair costs low at your local shop, we can help you with the problems that leave your car undriveable. Our specialty is knowing what you might need and providing hard-to-find parts for damaged or broken steering columns. With our full "PARTS" inventory of the most commonly needed items on domestic vehicles, we make it easy for you to buy exactly what you need. New, used and reconditioned parts makeup our huge inventory to help you withyour needs.


Damaged columns from wear and tear or those just needing some special attention after years of service can be restored to fully functioning condition. Check out our "INSTRUCTIONS" for repairing the steering column problem you are experiencing. Ford shift levers and loose steering wheels, GM tilt problems and Jeep ignition actuators are just some of the detailed instructions we offer in step-by-step instructions for you to follow and repair yourself.

Free Exploded Views

Do you need to know what's inside your column? Not sure how it's assembled? We offer "EXPLODED VIEWS" for many of the popular steering columns on vehicles today. We know how important it is to have a visual breakdown fo these complicated systems. Some steering columns have as many as 16 systems inside, each with its own unique function. Reassembly can be a challenging task without a good diagram. We provide these to you FREE of CHARGE!

Steering Column Rebuilding

Do you need someone to rebuild your column? Not sure how it's assembled? We offer "COMPLETE REBUILDING SERVICES " for many steering columns on domestic vehicles. We understand how complicated these columns can be. With over 30 years of experience servicing column related problems, we are happy to help you. We provide these services to you at an affordable rate with fast turn-around times. Click here to find out how.

We provide fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions for your steering column needs.

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Ford F-250 & F-350 Rebuilt Tilt Steering Columns
Rebuilt Tilt Steering Columns Now Available
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