Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

These instructional pages give you step-by-step instructions for the removal and replacment of the ignition switch lock cylinder assemblies on Dodge, chrysler & Plymouth design vehicles from 1996-2006. This instruction set covers the removal of a functioning lock cylinder as well as a frozen lock (one that won't turn). Often these vehicles require a new cylinder and key set. Typically, they wear out allowing the key to be removed in any positions. Another common failure was lock itself failing to turn preventing the driver from starting the vehicle. We offer both the parts and instructions for this problem. This repair is done without the removal of the steering column.

Estimated Time Required: 15 min.
Tools Needed: WD 40, Small Ball Peen Hammer, Small Flat Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, 20 Torx Driver, 1/4" Punch.

Our Part # DLcm07 Instructions
Fits Makes: Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth
Fits Years: 1996-2006


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